Where we create the projects that people and cities need.

We understand people’s desires so we can plan their future places.

Founded in 1982, RFM Incorporadora is responsible for the execution of our own projects, which combine innovation, concept, style and quality. The projects bearing our brand are conceived for our customers’ actual use and are selected for their uniqueness and potential for becoming iconic.


From the urban skyline to the countryside’s landscape, we have found opportunities to develop projects in several parts of the country that add value to the place, fulfill the desire for more sustainable homes and cater to people’s new habits and behaviors.

Putting into practice the emerging concepts of living and working, RFM is at the vanguard of architecture and urbanism trends.


Our developments are known for their strict quality control, from planning to execution, and for their unwavering commitment to everyone’s safety, the punctuality in their deliveries and financial return. Our commitment to our customers, investors and partners places us among the major players in the segment in Brazil.