Privacy Policy

The RFM Group is concerned on protecting the privacy of people who visit its website searching for information, products and services.

This policy explains how we ensure responsible use and confidentiality of all personal or commercial information received online.

Therefore, we developed a website considering people’s privacy.

For us, privacy means:
– The Client controls all personal or commercial information that he decides to send to us.
– Inform the customer how we use any personal or commercial information received.
– The commitment to always treat costumer information as confidential

The client will be able to browse the RFM Group’s website without revealing any data that identifies him individually. The RFM Group provides the client the opportunity to get in touch to ask questions and learn more about our products and services through a contact form.

If you are a customer and choose to contact the RFM Group, you will find that our contact forms request basic types of information such as name, email address, country of origin and telephone number for contact. We request this information so that we can answer you more safely.

The RFM Group always allows the customer to decide, whether to send us his personal or commercial identification or not.