Developer | Residential Vilas Altos de Trancoso
About the project

One foot in the sand, the other one in the “Quadrado”. Location is one of the great differentiating factors of Vilas Altos de Trancoso – 200 yards from the beach and only a few paces from the village’s social focal point.

Adjacent to the slope leading to “Quadrado”, in a 250,000 m² (2.7 million sq. ft) area, only 19 2-story 3-ensuite-bedroom houses will be built, with 2 choices of floor plan – 262 m² (2,820 sq. ft) and 233 m² (2,508 sq. ft).

Everything else is sea, lush nature, and the welcome buzz of the “Quadrado”, with its bars, restaurants, shops and ateliers. Keeping in mind that, among Trancoso’s world-renowned features, the village is considered a tourist destination par excellence for those seeking tranquility by the sea in a rustic chic atmosphere

What is more, the project is signed by Gui Mattos, the renowned architect, winner of Architizer A+ Awards 2017, one of the world’s most coveted architecture awards.

Development: Develop Brasil
Architecture: Gui Mattos
Units: 19
Floors: 2
Ensuite bedrooms: 3
Floor Plan: 262m² (2,820 sq. ft) and 233 m² (2,508 sq. ft)
Condominium: Rental system ) / Housekeeping / Reception /24-h Security / Concierge
  • Total area a construir
  • Place Trancoso, Bahia
  • Type Residential
  • Status New Developments



Vilas Altos de Trancoso - Estrada de Trancoso, Porto Seguro - BA, Brasil
Vilas Altos de Trancoso


Architect Gui Mattos In order to meet the demand for private trips to reconnect with nature, Develop Brasil launches a condominium in Trancoso with 19 houses designed by renowned architect Gui Mattos.
“The idea was to bring a little of Bahia’s quiet life to the architecture. Lots of windows, lots of freedom, an up-close meeting with nature”, says Gui Mattos, the winner of Architizer A+ Awards 2017, one of the world’s most important awards in architecture.