About RFM

We are a group who brings a vision of the future to all our initiatives.

A history of blazing trails for over 40 years.

RFM is a reference when it comes to the real estate development and building of corporate, commercial, residential, hospital, hotel, and school buildings.


Our years of experience have allowed us to learn in depth the particularities of each segment of the business and to deliver our projects with the utmost customer-centered quality. By keeping a focus on the research and implementation of novel technologies, we stand behind some of the most emblematic projects of their respective generations.


Along our history, we have tapped into great minds of architecture, engineering and construction. We stimulate in our team the desire for innovation and for achieving excellence in each and every project in each of our business units.

And so, we have put together a team who is ready to deal with any challenges that come their way and make the most of the opportunities. A team who is responsible for implementing solutions that are unparalleled in the Brazilian market and for leading the modernization of the industry.


The milestones in our history that show Grupo RFM’s evolution over more than four decades.

1979 Beginning of RFM Construtora’s activities
1982 Beginning of RFM Incorporadora’s activities
1985 Construction of Vila Adriano and Vila Savoy condominiums.
1997 ISO 9001 Certification
1999 Opening of Txai Resort Itacaré
2000 "Master Imobiliário" Award: São Paulo Loft I
2001 "Master Imobiliário" Award: Escola Viva and construction of Axis Building
2002 Opening of Club Med Trancoso and "Master Imobiliário" Award
2004 "Master Imobiliário" Award: Txai Residences
2006 "Master Imobiliário" Award: Ile de la Cité building
2007 SAP systems implemented on the construction sites
2007 Creation of InvesTur Brasil and its IPO at the São Paulo Stock Market (Bovespa) raising U$501 Million.
2007 Beginning of Concession activities with Viracopos airport
2008 "Master Imobiliário" Award: Hiléa Care Center
2010 Expansion of the group into Rio de Janeiro state
2011 Expansion of the group into Minas Gerais state
2012 Beginning of construction work of Vera Cruz Plaza (LEED Platinum)
2012 Beginning of activities at Centro Empresarial Glória 122
2012 Conclusion of construction work of F.L. Corporate building
2013 Beginning of construction work of Grand Mercure Riocentro hotel
2015 Beginning of construction work of Escola Mobile
2016 Beginning of construction work of Grande Ufficiale Evaristo Comolatti building
2016 Beginning of construction work of Tender 2, Torre Mata Atlântica, Cidade Matarazzo
2016 Beginning of construction work of Tender 7, Foundations and Reinforcement of the Chapel, the Drop Off Cidade Matarazzo
2016 Conclusion of construction work of Centro Empresarial Glória 122 and LEED Certification
2016 Concession agreement for the operation of 4,000 stands at Shopping Popular in Brás neighborhood
2018 Beginning of construction work of Luminus Jardim mixed-use building
2018 Beginning of operations by concession agreement of POP MALL
2019 Beginning of construction work of Pueri Domus school
2019 Beginning of construction work of "O Parque"
2020 Delivery of the concrete structure of Torre Mata Atlântica building in the Cidade Matarazzo project
2020 Delivery of Pueri Domus school
2020 Beginning of construction work of AIR Hotel, Terraço Oscar Freire, Pascoal Vita and Sintra Jardins buildings


RFM’s founding partners have been at the helm since the opening of the construction company in 1979.