The RFM Group is concerned about protecting the privacy of people who visit its website in search of information, products and services.

This policy explains how we ensure the responsible use and confidentiality of all personal identification and/or commercial information we receive online.

Thus, we developed a website considering people’s privacy. For us, privacy means:

- The Client controls all personal and/or commercial identification information they decide to send us.

- Inform the client how we use any personal and/or commercial identification information we receive online.

- The commitment to always handle client information in a confidential manner.

Clients can navigate through the RFM Group institutional site without revealing data that identifies them individually (personal and/or commercial identification information). The RFM Group offers clients the chance to contact us online to ask any questions and to learn more about our products and services. If the client chooses to contact the RFM Group online, it will find that our contact forms ask for basic types of information, like name, e-mail, country of origin and phone number for contact. We ask such information so we can answer you with greater safety.

The RFM Group allows the client to decide, at its own discretion, if it wants to send personal and/or commercial information.