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About the project

Glória 122 is a project that evokes the glamorous atmosphere of Art Déco in Rio de Janeiro and combines it with state-of-the-art sustainable construction.  The façade of E. G. Fontes building was restored and preserved, with Maurício Prochnick and Márcio Roiter’s consultancy, to receive the implementation of the corporate project developed by architecture firm De Fournier e Associados.

The project is characterized as retrofitting with repurposing. Demolition of 3 10-floor residential buildings with preservation of their façades. Construction of the office building with a 2-floor parking garage and 13 standard floors for office spaces. It is the recipient of the “Master Imobiliário” award in the Innovation and Sustainability category.

Development: RFM Incorporadora and SDI
Construction: RFM Construtora
Participation: Grupo Carlisa and Grupo Victor Malzoni
Delivery Date: September 2016
Architecture: De Fournier & Associados
Master Imobiliário award: Innovation and Sustainability
LEED Certification: Certified
  • Total area 20.294,00m²
  • Place Glória, Rio de Janeiro
  • Type Commercial
  • Status Completed



Rua da Glória, 122 - Glória, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brasil
Glória 122

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