Builder, Developer | Residential Edifício Ile de La Cité
About the project

A project with the essence and heart of the world’s most famous city for its artistic and bohemian attributes.

Ile de la Cité recreates in unique fashion the atmosphere of the City of Light by means of classic French architecture and the subtleness and elegance of European traits, highlighting a new way of integrating residences in the huge, modern city of Sao Paulo.

The project, supervised by Anastassiadis Arquitetos, refer to the construction of a building with 155-m² (1,668-sq. ft) apartments. It consists of 2 blocks with 5 floors and 12 standard units. Apartments on the ground floor, duplex units and gardens.  On the 7th edition of Prêmio Master (the “Oscar” award of the Real Estate Industry) in 2006, RFM won the prize in the Residential Projects category.

Development: RFM Incorporadora
Construction: RFM Construtora
Architecture: Anastassiadis Arquitetos
Landscaping: Jardinatto Paisagismo
Interiors: Anastassiadis Arquitetos
Execution Period: 21 months
Prêmio Master: Projects
  • Total area 3.496,67m²
  • Place Higienópolis, São Paulo
  • Type Residential
  • Status Completed



Rua Minas Gerais, 101 - Higienópolis, São Paulo - SP, Brasil
Edifícilio Ile de La Cité