Builder | Residential Condomínio Pateo Barra
About the project

Pateo Barra condominium is located in Barra Funda neighborhood in Sao Paulo city. Besides being easily accessible due to its proximity to a subway station and large avenues, it is a complete residential project.

The project consists of 3 towers, 312 apartments, 3 sobressolos, 10 elevators, ground floor with a spinning gym, a fitness room, a game room, indoor pool with a 25-m lane, adult and children pools, playground, party rooms for children and teenagers, playroom, gourmet barbecue grill, gym, resting room, sauna and spa.

Development: Yuny / Paulo Mauro Incorp. e Constr.
Construction: RFM Construtora
Execution Period: 35 months
Delivery Date: June 2016
Architecture: MCAA Arquitetos
Landscaping: Núcleo Arquitetura da Paisagem
Interiors: Lia Carbonari Arquitetura e Interiores
Towers: 3
Floors: 25, 26 and 27
Units: 312
Recreation Area: Spinning Gym / Fitness Room / Game Room / Indoor and Outdoor Pools / Children’s Pool / Solarium / Barbecue Grill / Indoor Sports Court / Playground / Hammock Room / Dogland / Children’s, Teenagers’ and Adults’ Party Rooms / Playroom / Gourmet Barbecue Grill / Belvedere / Sauna / Spa
  • Total area 57.809,29 m²
  • Place Barra Funda, São Paulo
  • Type Residential
  • Status Completed



Rua Norma Pieruccini Giannotti, 141 - Várzea da Barra Funda, São Paulo - SP, Brasil
Condomínio Pateo Barra